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Covid-19 Safety Plan

Updated July 12, 2021

Covid-19 Safety Plan

GT’s on the Beach Covid Safety Plan


How we will ensure our workers are safe from exposure to Covid-19.

Keep abreast of information regarding Covid-19 through Southwestern Public Health, Ontario Ministry of Health and Health Canada.  Create policies in accordance to guidelines from each.

Post all necessary informational signage from health units.

Online informational training required by all staff.

Information sharing through our staff Facebook page.

How we screen employees.

Use of the App Covid-19 worker and employee screening from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

Each employee must screen themselves with the app and send results to [email protected] where management reviews.

How we control the risk of transmission in the workplace.

We installed a hand sanitizer station at the staff entrance plus we have hand sanitizer pumps in key areas, i.e. next to the coffee maker, in the server stations, at the back of the bar, next to the sign in iPad, on the expo line, in the office next to each computer station, at the server cash out table.  Ensuring we are stocked with sanitizer-

All staff are required to wear medical grade face masks. Ensuring we are stocked in face masks

All staff are required to wear eye protection. Safety glasses/shields are provided, specialty eye protection (glasses side shields or over glasses safety glasses) is the responsibility of the employee. Ensuring we have stock of eye protection

We have an outdoor break area.  Breaks are staggered. Where possible employees remain socially distanced.

Disinfecting happens every morning by cleaning staff, checked off by management.

Sanitizing of high touch areas is completed throughout the day. Sanitizer is located at every station in the kitchen, every server station, the host station and the bar.

What our procedure is to a potential case, or suspected exposure to, covid-19.

If an employee suspects covid-19 the policy is to send them home with pay. They need to get a covid-19 test and be negative before returning to work.

As for contract tracing employees, our sign in system is computerized and we can identify who was on shift with the potentially infected employee.

Potentially infected employee is instructed to get tested, Southwestern Public Health will be notified if it’s a positive result. Employees who were in contact will be informed.

Employee will receive sick pay in accordance with Ministry guidelines.

How we will manage new risks caused by changes to the way we operate the business.

Our Joint Health and Safety Committee meets every 2 weeks and staff are encouraged to bring any concerns to their worker representatives.

How will we make sure our Covid-19 Safety Plan is working.

We will set up a weekly meeting between the owners and a health and safety representative to see if our plan needs to be updated. 

We will communicate changes to the plan through our staff Facebook page and through onsite postings.