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Covid-19 Safety Plan

Updated April 1, 2021

Covid-19 Safety Plan

Welcome back to GTs during this crazy time of Covid-19.
Our first priority is the safety of our staff and customers.


Family First

  • Safety is the very first priority. If customers have to wait while staff wash or sanitize, so be it.  If we are slower because we do our best to keep 6 feet away from each other, so be it.  Our number one job this summer is safety.  Customer service is 2nd to safety.

Personal Responsibility

  • These guidelines are only effective if each and every one of you does your best to follow them. Support each other, always be kind and always do your best to follow the guidelines.

Solution Orientated

  • While we are putting these very best practices in place, if you see a way for us to be safer or better, please talk to any one on the management team.


  • At GTs, we’ve always done a great job with consistent food and service, we have now added that consistency to safety. Our management team monitors and addresses new risks introduced by new measures implemented by the Government of Ontario and our own local health unit on a weekly basis. Any changes to our current plan will be posted in our staff Facebook group and posted on our Health and Safety Wall and this document will be updated and placed on our website at www.gtsonthebeach.com


  • Thank you all for coming to GT’s. We are so proud to have you.