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Online Reservations

Reservation during Stage 1 Re-opening

Maximum table size is 4 people in Stage 1 with some exceptions.(see below)

Reservations can be made a maximum of 14 days in advance.

We will not be able to guarantee any two tables are close to one another while in Stage 1

At this time, we do not accept same day reservations, they must be made at least the day before.

Reservations are accepted but not required.

Further inquiries can be made at [email protected]
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Reservations are weather dependent. High winds or rain may cause cancellation of my reservation.
GTs does not take requests for two or more tables to be close to one another. We are sorry but we are NOT able to accommodate this request.
Reservations will be considered cancelled if the entire party is not present within 15 minutes of the time of the reservation. Please leave extra time to find parking.
Please check your SPAM if you don't immediately get a confirmation email. Thank you!
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Reservation Exceptions

Exceptions can be made for a group larger than 4 when everyone in the group lives at the same address (ID with proof of address for adults will be required)

OR a caregiver for a person (this includes children) who requires it does not need to count as part of the 4

OR a same household group plus one person who lives alone.


  • A same household family of 5 or more.
  • A same household family plus one person who lives alone.
  • 4 people but one of the people requires a caregiver, 4+caregiver=5